Your customers and clients want to interact with you via video. Will you adapt?

Mobile devices, SMS, email, Social Media: Your customers and clients drive the way you interact as a business. They have now shown that they want to interact with you via interactive video.  Will you adapt?

We offer Interactive Video Communication Solutions to Professionals, Small Businesses, and Individual Salespeople.

No Downloads - We are fully Web enabled

Unlimited Plans - $79.00 Per Agent/Mo+

Interactive Video Communication is the Key!

With Interact Media, we enable you to engage and communicate with your customers and clients on a deeper level. Whether it's One Touch Video Chat, Video Messages, Video Testimonials, , Interactive Videos, or all of the above, we give you an easy to use branded tool that enables you and you customers to interact with one easy to use link....and it's driven by video!  

Safe, Easy and Secure.  

Works on Mobile devices and Desktops with no need to download anything

Interactive Video Communication creates a relationship, a bond that reaches much deeper than email, TXT or phone conversations.

How does it work?

It's really simple.  We create a branded page for you on, or on your site, that you can use anywhere.  It can go on Social Media, Websites, business cards or you can email and text it out. 

This link directs them to your own personal Interact Media page.  The standard page is set up to allow for One Touch vChat and vMessages.

You have the choice to send an SMS message invite from the Dashboard, or your customer can inititate the connection via a Direct Link Button or Company Widget.

When your customer clicks your Direct link, it send you a SMS message allowing you to sign in to the dashboard and accept or deny they call.  If a Customer uses the One Touch Widget, it connects to your pool of Agents based on your specifications.  If no Agents are available, the customer can choose to leave a video message.

We offer the following additional widgets on your page:

  • Interactive Video 
  • vReviews to get Video Reviews and Testimonials
  • vBid to allow clients to send video quote requests
  • Social Media Links
  • Click to Call
  • Click to SMS
  • Click to email
  • and more

vChat is not a Group Conferencing Solution; there are plenty of those out there and they require downloads and fail to offer a secure solution.  They also require the business to initiate the connection.  

With Interact Media, neither you or your customers are required to download anything.  Just one simple click by you, or your customer, and you have a Secure 1 on 1 video connection. 

Our Dashboard allows direct One Touch connection to your agent. We also support businesses that need more than one vChat agent and allow them to "pool" agents and connect the customer to the agent that is available.


The Solution for all Business Types

For Professionals

For Professionals

Interact Media is safe, easy and secure for you and your clients and patients.  We are a HIPPA Certified Communication method and employ the strictest of security protocals.

The Perfect Solution for:

  • TeleHealth
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Realtors
  • Veterinarians
  • Councelors
  • Accountants
For Services

For Services

Interact Media is the perfect choice for Service Professionals.  Your One Touch link will connect your customers to you on a different level.  Easily allow your customers to get Bid Requests with video, leave video testimonials or vChat with you in real time.

A great tool for:

  • Roofers/ Contractors
  • HVAC/ Electrician/ Plumber
  • Automotive Services
  • Home Cleaning Service
  • Yard Care Companies
  • Landscapers
For Retail

For Retail

Do you own a Brick and Mortar store but need to accomidate on-line orders and virtual shopping?  Our solution connects you to your customer with an easy to use, secure video connection.  You can use it to show products, provide support or just to stay in contact with your customers.

A must have option for:

  • Jewelery Stores
  • Clothing Boutiques
  • Home Goods Stores
  • Furniture Retailers
  • Automotive Sales